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Mobile Website Development

Your customers are mobile and they expect your business to have mobile optimized website.

Mobile Advantage

1 Consumers are using their mobile phones for
  • Finding nearby entities like restaurants, auto repair, parks, hospitals, etc
  • Product research decisions
  • Saving money via coupons
  • Product price comparison while in store
  • News
  • Social - connecting with family and friends
2 Your customers can find you on the go - anywhere/anytime
  • Standing in line
  • Walking in a park
  • Waiting at the airport
  • Sitting in a Taxi
  • In a competitors store
3 Mobile users are one step closer to making a purchase decision
4 Social Integration - users can share your business details via mobile on
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
This is great for social marketing
5 Mobile websites are accessible on all internet enabled devices - so your business is always in the palm of your customers

Your customers expect you to have a mobile presence. A mobile website generates trust in the mobile world. A user on the go needing immediate and complete information will always turn to his mobile device.


Here are some key highlight from a Holiday Mobile Shopping Study by InMobi
  • Price comparison shopping on mobile devices will more than double to 45%, up from 22% in 2010
  • 29% of mobile users will use mobile devices to learn about new products or services, and 27% will use their phone when making a purchasing decision
  • 15% of shoppers will use their mobile device to make a purchase on their device while in a store
Information likely to be researched from mobile % of mobile users
Updates on sales and promotions 31%
Local store hours and directions 27%
Product information and availability 26%
Product photos 26%
Official retailer apps 18%
Customer support 17%