Client Testimonials

Timelines and efficiency are two of the most important things you look for in dealing with a team that can develop your website and ecommerce platform. The other one is character. Sandeep and his team at Telezent have all of these qualities. Telezent has delivered FireDisc grills the most up to date platform for our company. Their day to day support is reliable, as well as the ability to provide us with a growth solution for the future. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an ecomerce solution or partner. They are the best in the business, hands down.

Hunter Jaggard

CEO and Co-Founder
FireDisc Grills®

Working with Telezent has shortened the time it usually takes to get up to speed in the world of social media. Their customer-centric approach is a great help for everyone - from novices looking for guidance developing their first plans to experts looking for more strategic support. This team has taken the time to listen to our needs and offer the best solutions to get us where we need to be. I highly recommend Telezent to anyone interested in integrating social media as an essential part of their business strategy.

Andrea Hillman

Director of Marketing
McKenney's, Inc.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Sandeep Arora and the Telezent Team over the past six years on several web development projects. Not only am I happy and satisfied but everyone I have referred has had the same response.

Sandeep and his team are first and foremost professionals, caring and dedicated to their work and diligent regarding accuracy, time lines, creativity and innovation. I highly recommend this company.

Michaeal Singer

Senior Member of CellMetRx Corporation

I’ve had the pleasure working with Sandeep Arora and his team. At first I was a bit concerned since I had no experience of working with vendors overseas, however, the quality of service and customer service turned out to be beyond my expectation. Telezent has done an outstanding job on our SEO. They were very caring and understanding on our company’s needs.

Emerson Torres

President, USH Inc - Universal Student Housing

Regarding application development in Information Technology, there's an old saying, "You can have it Fast. You can have it Good. Or you can have it Cheap. Pick TWO." I have good - no, great - news! With Telezent, at least by US standards, you can now have all three.

Telezent knows their way around Web development with the best of them. Telezent understands the critically important need for speed and thus works very hard to turn things around quickly with their brilliant staff of programmers and managers. And due to cost-of-living differentials, Telezent's price-points are normally significantly lower than US-based operations.

I have used Telezent for simple Wordpress sites all the way through complex portal development with API integration, including Mobile development. I have found them to be smart, reliable, responsive, savvy about SEO and SMO, and always willing to do what it takes. Time-zone and language barriers have not been an issue. When you get an estimate from Telezent, count on it. They will hit the budget and timeline, and the results are effective.

Hey, I'm as patriotic as the next guy, with a son serving in Afghanistan. So I understand and support 'made in the USA.' But I've yet to find this combination of better, faster, cheaper in the US. And THAT is what is needed in today's tech-savvy, high-velocity marketplace.

Give Telezent a chance next time. You'll be glad you did.

Mike Wise

President, WebWisedom LLC
Social Tech Consultant, Speaker, Author
Insurance Industry Focus
April 2013

I chose Telezent based on a colleague's recommendation and it's been one of the best investments I have made. Where we ranked #15 a year ago we now rank #3, and where we ranked #8 a year ago we not only rank #1, but we have multiple listings on the Google's first page. Our revenue has tripled in the last year. I have recommended Telezent to all my friends that have business websites.

John Sage

Owner, Sage Traveling

When we needed help getting our content online and rated high in searches, Telezent was the company that was recommended to us by a social media expert. They provided excellent service, created lots of content from the information we sent them and uploaded it to a variety of blogs and web sites, and pushed it so that it ranked well in search engines. We would definitely hire them again.

Becky Frusher

Corporate Communications
Curves International, Inc.

Great Neck Games has been working with Telezant for over a year now and has significantly increased our web traffic and our online presence. In our business presentation is everything and with Telezants help our online storefront shows a strong presence to clients. Telezants response time and effort is always on par and immediate when requested. We could not ask for more from a web team to manage our site and get us higher in the ranks! Thank you!

Dean Hatami

Owner, Great Neck Games & Productions

Telezent was the cornerstone of our SEO strategy for launch. They came up with great ideas and were quick in executing them. They helped lay the groundwork for the results in traffic and audience growth we were hoping for.

Alex Twersky

Finesse Diamonds