Cloud Applications

The future is NOW. Cloud platforms like Salesforce & BigCommerce enable quick delivery of business applications. We are helping business create new & migrate existing application to the cloud.

Rapid Development

Cloud + Mobile First

Digitize Business Process

Quick ROI

Worldwide Power Products (WPP)

WPP is a top provider of power-generation equipment to commercial and industrial clients. WPP uses Salesforce to manage sales, quotes & rentals of generators.

Implemented near realtime data integration between Salesforce & MySQL

Website categories and products driven by Salesforce data

Instant AngularJS advanced product search

Central States Diesel Generators

Central States Diesel Generators, based in Wisconsin, buys & sells used industrial diesel and natural gas generators. Telezent created a modern inventory website tightly integrated with Salesforce.

Customized the Salesforce Products object to meet business & website requirements.

Near realtime Salesforce and website integration

Salesforce CRM implementation

FireDisc Grills (Ecommerce)

FireDisc Grils specializes in making the most versatile outdoor grill on the market today.

Telezent designed & developed a complete web + CRM system

Web development Wordpress & BigCommerce SaaS for ecommerce

Salesforce Sales Cloud deployment

Implemented ZenDesk for support, Bazaarvoice for review/comments

Accessible Travel Solutions

Accessible Travel Solutions is a Ecommerce website built using Bigcommerce. Travelers & travel agents can buy tours and book van transfers online.

Convenient online bookings

Book van transfers

Book group tours

User friendly search options

Step 1: Goals

Define your goals. Why do you want to migrate to the cloud?

  1. Purpose
  2. Prioritize your goals
  3. How to measure success
  4. Future expansion

Step 2: Discovery

We will create a “as-is”document which outlines your current system architecture and business process. Depending on your business it will have some of the below elements

  • Map of current IT systems
  • Business process diagram
  • Definition of all actors involved – IT, human and external

Step 3: Design

We will then design the new solution. It will involve several meetings with key stakeholders. The document will have

  • New systems design diagram
  • Business process diagram and automation
  • All cloud services and licenses that will be needed
  • Project plan

Step 4: Development

Our developers will start the configuration, development and customization in staging. Periodic QA sessions are planned. Depending on the business requirements the following will be done

  • Data migration
  • Process automation testing
  • Working with third party vendors

Step 5: QA & Rollout

At this point, our clients can test the complete cloud solution.Go live after client approval.

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