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We work closely with our clients to create unique and result driven SEO/SEM solutions.

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Based on 5 years of experience, we have created a SEO process, which is goal focused and result driven. It is the result of working with several clients and making them successful in a ever changing business environment. Below are some of the highlights of our internal SEO process

  • Understand your goals and suggest solutions on how to achieve them online
  • Create a customized, creative and innovative SEO and SMO strategy depending on your goals and industry.

Step 1: Goal Context Analysis

Based on the information you provide we sit down and analyze your goals in context of your industry ecosystem, target audience, current ranking, competition ranking and other variables.

This step is important and we spend several days creating internal mind maps and strategy maps. This helps us create an effective, creative and customized SEO and SMO strategy. In most cases our clients are very impressed by the detailed and action oriented nature of our SEO/SMO proposal.

Step 2: Identify Target Keywords (Keyword Research)

Keywords are the foundation of the Internet. Telezent will do a complete Keyword Research Analysis. We will find.

  • Keywords in sync with your business objectives
  • Location based keywords (if applicable)
  • Industry Keywords
  • Keywords targeting different types of customers
  • Event based keywords
  • And more

Step 3: Competition and Ecosystem Analysis

Telezent will do a complete competition and ecosystem analysis. Competition ranking analysis helps us determine competitions SEO/SMO strategy. Ecosystem research gives us intelligence to plan our SEO strategy in an effective manner.

  • Find out competition SEO and Social Media strategy
  • Find out what keywords competition is ranking high for.
  • Find out all industry related sources. This can be used for sharing relevant news and information on Twitter/Blog

Step 4: Website and Existing Digital Property Analysis

Telezent will analyze your website and blog to make sure each digital property.

  • Has the right kind of content
  • Has no issues which would prevent it from ranking high
  • Has a SEO friendly structure and attributes
  • Static and reachable links
  • Meta and Title Tag Optimization
  • Sitemap
  • Robot.txt optimization
  • Content to keyword optimization
  • w3c Validation
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Content evaluation & placement
  • Google Analytics

Step 5: SEO and Social Media Plan

Telezent will create a customized and complete SEO and Social Media proposal having a high level strategy, a road map and deliverables needed to accomplish your goals. We will provide all the competitive and ecosystem intelligence we gathered as part of our research and planning. In most of the cases our clients are very happy with the detailed and thorough plan, they share more ideas with us and we get started after that.

Step 6: Measurement and Reporting

  • Biweekly reporting and monthly reporting
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Ranking report every month
  • Continuous evaluation of SEO strategy based on results

We have designed our new client onboarding process to be simple, transparent, effective and quick.Before signing up, our clients have a clear idea what they are getting into, a roadmap, expected deliverables and ROI. This ensures easy decision making and we are able to kick start our services as soon as a new client is on-board.

Step 1: Tell us your online objectives

  • Fill out this simple SEO/SMO questionnaire OR just let us know via email/phone conversation.
  • Telezent will then quickly complete the questionnaire form for you.

Download Questionaire

Step 2: Free No-Obligation SEO/SMO Proposal

The SEO due diligence process begins and is based on our SEO process. We will prepare a detailed no-obligation SEO/SMO proposal having a customized plan for your business. Every SEO/SMO proposal is different and it depends on client objectives, industry, current ranking position and competition ranking.

Work Involved
1 Preliminary Keyword Analysis
2 Competition Research
3 Web Site Analysis
4 Ecosystem Research
5 SEO + SMO Customized Planning based on (1) (2) (3)
No-Obligation SEO/SMO Proposal Includes
1 Keywords (To begin discussion)
2 Competitive intelligence (we reverse engineer competitions SEO/SMO strategies)
3 Customized SEO and SMO Plan
4 Monthly Activities - needed to achieve results
5 Price

Step 3: Client Review and Next Steps

Client reviews the amazing no-obligation proposal. We then collaborate with the client to receive input, discuss suggestions and answer questions. We then agree on keywords, monthly activities, process and a price and move forward.

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