Telezent be a company built on trust, integrity and passion to make our clients successful

Create superior web solutions for our clients

Help our clients succeed

Help our employees reach their full potential

Make a positive impact on our community


Service before self.

Every transaction we do is a spiritual transaction - it uplifts and benefits everyone.

Service is human mankinds only goal.

We are inspired by Larry Julian's book "God is my CEO". Infact we have been using many of these principals since 2007, but this book has given us a framework and courage to institutionalize them. Here is excerpt from his book.

Business Principles versus God's Principles

Unwritten Business Rules God's Priniciples
Achieve results Serve a purpose
What can I get? How can I give?
Success = dollars Significance = people
work to please people work to please God
Fear of the unknown Living with hope
Leadership is being first Leadership is being last
Take charge; surrender means defeat Let go; surrender means victory
The end justifies the means. Get to the outcome regardless of how you accomplish it. The means justifies the end. Do the right thing regardless of the outcome.
Short-term gain Long-term gain
Slave to the urgent Freedom to the urgent
You can never produce enough Unconditional love